During the 2023 end-of-year holiday season, I joined a group of colleagues at OzFish Seeds for Snapper to help out collecting seagrass seeds from the beach at Woodman Point. We were told about the importance of seagrass to help protect young fish and in particular pink snapper in the Cockburn Sounds. Our assistance was mostly informative this year, as the fruiting of the seagrass had happened over a much shorter time window than in previous years, and had yielded relatively few seeds. Connecting with Synergy colleagues I don't usually interact with was great in itself though, as was learning about the different kinds of seagrass found in Australian waters. I was most impressed finding out the seagrass 'up North' around Shark Bay largely stems from the same plant, which reproduces asexually. Spanning more than 180km, it is the most widespread known clone on earth.

Our group at Woodman Point