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Mention Paul Romer for finding fun in his work.
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Add post about interacting with Kafka from R.
Fix link to image.
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Retitle latest post
Add Apache Nifi screenshot.
Blog about using big data tools.
Use Nifi and Kafka to create a datastream from apache server logs.
Update formatting.
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Add post about managing data science delivery.
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Add post about mission control leadership approach.
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Add blog about blogging beating social media, maybe.
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Create calendar heatmap using NYC taxi dataset.
Add images for new blog post using New York City taxi data.
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Add post about spatial indexes using income data.
Try following on some more posts.
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Update the sidebar.
calendar update
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Discuss Australian fertility matters using a seasonal subseries plot.
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Write about sf in ggplot2 development version.
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Use absolute URLs for images.
Revert everything.
Attempt to fix style.
Update to use base URL manually.
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Add post about spatial features and WA schools.
Add tags and remove Rmd header.
Add post exploring Australian road fatalities.
Created in R using rmarkdown - only edited file location.
Add missing verb.
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Ignore setup file for script.
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Update tag.
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Explain challenge in some better detail.
Start blog post about (semi) Markov chains.
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Add emphasis and simplify code.
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Add image and R code.
Start post about indifference lines in ROC space.
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Add post about survival analysis in R.
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Add tags to post about labelling facets in R.
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Add tags to the post.
Add post about Rmarkdown to automate reports.
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Add post about labelling facets of a ggplot2 graph.
Add post about fixing album art display on N9.
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Fix URL for previous post referenced in latest.
Write about devtools::install_github().
Fix typo.
Describe difficulties encountered while porting R script from RJDBC to RODBC.
Add post about hacking together a working configuration for Obnam backups.
Add post about operatingdays R package and RTL-SDR dongle.
Correct link to Debian on A20 tutorial in 16 Mar 2015 post.
Import remaining Red posts using meta date tag in files.
Change date.